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Ah, insurance. You don’t need it until you really need it! There’s no second takes in real life!

All hires must go out with some form of insurance. Although our default insurance option is Standard Insurance, we have alternate insurance options for customers who may want to save money where they can, of more comprehensive for our customers who want to fully protect themselves.

When choosing what insurance option you want to go with, be sure to compare the equipment hire total against the excess you’re paying. There’s no point paying for insurance if your replacement cost is lower than your excess. Redirect that money for something else… like your catering budget.

Insurance Options

Budget Insurance
$10,000 Excess
3% Surcharge (off invoice total before discounts)

Standard Insurance
$2000 Excess
9% Surcharge (off invoice total before discounts)

Premium Insurance
$800 Excess
15% Surcharge (off invoice total before discounts)

Complete Insurance
$0 Excess
20% Surcharge (off invoice total before discounts)

Got a question about our insurance? Let us know.Submit Insurance Query