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Labour Exchange

At Lighthouse, one of our goals is to always nurture and support upcoming filmmakers. We remember how much of a struggle it can be when you’re first starting out and scrambling to get your budget together. That’s where the Lighthouse Labour Exchange comes in. Designed as a way to make gear affordable for everyone, the program could be just right for your next production!

How does it work?
Come into our warehouse and we’ll find some tasks for you to do. We’ll calculate a cheaper rental price based on your time spent here!

I’m an aspiring director / producer. Can I still help out if I don’t know anything about lighting?
While a general knowledge of lighting is always preferred, it’s by no means essential. Just let us know your skill set

How does the exchange break down?
Here’s how we break it down…

👷 1 x 8 hour day of labour
💰 $250 discount off your rental

If two people from your production want in on the Lighthouse Labour Exchange, that’ll be $500 off your rental.

Thanks for the breakdown! Does any day work?
We try to complete Labour exchanges before your shoot but occasionally if timings don’t work, we can do after your production as long as it’s no longer than 2 weeks after your shoot.

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    Currently Accepting Submissions
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Terms and Conditions

  • A Labour Exchange is only available for use on creative, self-funded, micro-budget shoots and is not available for use commercial productions
  • A request for Labour exchange must be made during the initial quoting phase
  • Arrangement for date of Labour Exchange must be organised before equipment is booked out and used. Labour Exchange day must be performed within 2 weeks of return of equipment.
  • Should the hirer or their proxy be unable to complete Labour Exchange on the appointed day, Lighthouse Rentals has the right to cancel the labour exchange and request payment for the monies owed.
  • A Labour Exchange can only be used in conjunction with discounts at the discretion of SAVAGE and Lighthouse staff.
  • The Labour Exchange is provided as a discount on a hire as opposed to payment for labour performed.
  • A request does not automatically mean acceptance – your request to be involved in the Lighthouse Labour Exchange must be approved by Lighthouse Rentals.